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12ml portable perfume bottle

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Experience on-the-go freshness with our 12ml portable perfume bottle. Compact and leak-proof, this travel-friendly container ensures your favorite fragrances are always at hand. Perfect for daily use, trips, and special occasions. Elevate your scent game wherever you go!



✈️ Travel-Friendly Refilling Guide for Your12 ML Portable Perfume Bottle: Transferring your favorite scent has never been more accessible! Begin by detaching the sprayer from your main perfume vessel. Align the portable perfume bottle’s base with the primary bottle’s nozzle, then press down for a refill. Once topped up, cap it securely. Now, you’ve got your on-the-go fragrance companion ready.

🌟 Durable & Refillable Portable Perfume Container: Meticulously molded from top-grade aluminum, this portable perfume bottle stands resilient against accidental drops, ensuring longevity in its use.

🏝️ Premium Quality Atomizer for Your Perfume: Housed within a robust aluminum shell, the atomizer offers unparalleled durability. Internally, its glass chamber exudes strength and maintains integrity, ensuring zero spillage even if mishandled.

🌆 Compact Design with Portable Perfume Bottle Efficiency: With dimensions of 3 x 0.6 inches, it’s sized to store up to 5 ml of your chosen fragrance – equaling over 70 refreshing sprays! Its feather-light construction means carrying your aroma in a purse or pocket is a breeze.

👜 A Traveler’s Must-Have: Venturing to parties, vacation spots, dining venues, gym sessions, or simply being on the move? Keep this portable perfume bottle at arm’s length. It’s crafted to ensure you always radiate freshness wherever you are.

🌸 Special Offer Just For You! 🌸

Dive into the world of portability and convenience. Don’t let bulky bottles weigh you down. With our portable perfume bottle, freshness is always a spray away.

🔥 LIMITED TIME OFFER: Grab yours now and always stay fragrant on the go! Experience elegance and durability in one compact package.

Travel light, smell right. Your signature scent awaits. 💖

Additional information

Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions200 × 30 × 30 cm

2pc, 1pc


Blue, Golde, Pink, Red, Silvery, Violet


Product Name: 12ml bullet
Product specifications: 12ML
Packing: One opp bag, 12 boxes, each box is clean.
Mode of transport: express / logistics
Product introduction: Capacity 12 ml, 6 colors, one OPP bag per set, 12 one box,each box is in clear color.
Size: 115mm*20mm
Weight: 24g
Material: Aluminum bottle Glass liner

11 reviews for 12ml portable perfume bottle

    October 6, 2023
    Works well to take to work
    October 6, 2023
    I know, I know…. You’re thinking, glass…. But I’m more clumsy now, and have dropped it! Jaw dropped and thought - to myself - it must have broken…. Being glass…. But No! And we have ceramic tile floors…. Definitely think the case, around the glass, protects it! Filled a few and gave as gifts! Perfect! Just need them to make a fluorescent green color and it’d be perfect!! Love these for carrying samples of your favorite scent!
    October 6, 2023
    These are great for anything you would like to fine mist. It works well with Eyeglass cleaner. Perfume, First aid spray and even Alcohol. They perform well and the colors and style are cool and you can see the level of your liquids. Enjoy! Excellent Buy.
    October 6, 2023
    SUCH A GAME CHANGER 🤩 Absolutely love love this, it’s so easy to transfer the perfume and it doesn’t leak at all. I purchase this to take in my bag while traveling, and it is the perfect size …. Perfect for your purse or for travel. Really great product. Love the different colors too. I totally recommend this.
    October 6, 2023
    I bought these for my perfumes for daily travel in my purse. Upon first inspection the caps are a little looser than I would like but I'm not going to deduct a star until I actually start using them. Filling the glass bottles was relatively easy. I blame my one perfume bottle for the only issue I had. The first two filled easily with the push attachment, but my last bottle's attachment was slightly larger than the others and it leaked slightly as I was filling the bottle. I was also at the bottom of my perfume bottle so that didn't help. I purposely bought these because they had a flat bottom, that I can see how much was left without taking it apart, and that it included a cap rather than twist up. I will update if I have any difficulty with using these. I did put plumber's tape around the neck of glass bottles for extra leak prevention as these will mainly be traveling around in my purse. 2 months later, still working great. No leaks!
    October 6, 2023
    Amazing product.
    October 6, 2023
    These atomizers are perfect. Great size, with everything that one needs to get one's perfume into the bottle.I love them. I like more than one perfume when I'm traveling and so I have several. They spray nicely. My husband likes the bigger size as well, especially when he is away for more than a week. He doesn't have to worry about running out of his fave perfume.
    October 6, 2023
    Purchased these for travel. I hate packing my large bottle of perfume in my suitcase, this is able to go in my carry-on. I appreciate that this pack came in multiple colors, I was able to but mine in the pink and my husbands cologne in the blue which makes it easy to tell them apart. The bottle is glass but it is surrounded in a aluminum case and came with several means to fill. I used the small funnel and it was very easy to fill. We used them recently on a seven day cruise and they worked perfectly.
    12ml portable perfume bottle photo review
    Pétit Zebra
    October 6, 2023
    These are fantastic for traveling! I always travel carry on and can’t stand bringing an entire fluid ounce spray bottle of perfume with me. It’s difficult to fill those and even harder to empty them. These refillable bottles were SO easy to fill. Literally pop the top off your perfume and stick the tube into the bottom of the refillable bottle. Mine have lasted a few weeks worth already and are much easier to travel with. I even have one in my purse and car just in case I need to freshen up. They’re not fantastic quality, I could only get 4 of the 6 to work. The 2 that aren’t working are leaking perfume out the bottom. But honestly for the price, I couldn’t ask much better. I’ll use them till they break and invest in better quality ones, for now I’m just glad to start cheaper and see that I actually use them!
    12ml portable perfume bottle photo review
    Nicole Soto
    October 4, 2023
    Let me just start w/ yes, I bite my nails & I've been a mouth-breather lately b/c my allergies have been whooping my butt. Now that we got that out the way... The colors are sooo pretty & the metallic just gives it that extra "razzle dazzle". They each come in their own individual sleeves. The instructions say to take off the top before you refill them. iDK what would happen if you don't b/c I didn't want to mess any of them up. 25 pumps got me to the tippy top of the window. My experiment & I'll update w/ the results tmrw: I filled 7 of them w/ 25 pumps. I'm standing 3 up & 2 are layed down w/ the caps on & 2 are layed down w/ the spray nozzle hole facing down. The black & blue ones have been filled to the max (26 pumps) & I want to see if filling it to the top makes them leak or not. Note: You'll know when you reached the max when it doesn't let you push down anymore. If you're wondering *whispers* yes, that body spray smells good* -wink-
    12ml portable perfume bottle photo review
    October 3, 2023
    I like all the colors of the perfume atomizers. They’re small and lightweight. It was very easy to fill these up. Of course, it’s a lot easier pack these when I went on my trip than to bring the big bottle of perfume. When I’m not traveling, I carry a small bottle in my purse for a quick spritz when I’m going out.
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12ml portable perfume bottle
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